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Title: You Don't Know
Artist: Next to Normal Cast & Alice Ripley
Album: Next to Normal (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
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"You Don’t Know" Next to Normal Alice Ripley

"It’s just another day"

It was a complex, dark role. I didn’t get the notices because I was pretty. I wasn’t the leading man. I wasn’t a love interest. It wasn’t for those things. It was for my acting and singing abilities. It put me in a different arena.”

Why can’t you just leave me alone? 
I know you know who I am
Why didn’t you go with her?
‘Cause I’m holding on!

but still we pay

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Next to Normal is like an independent film. I love the honesty of its characters and the riskiness of its concerns. I love how one family’s crisis becomes every family’s crisis. […] I love the specificity and originality of the lyrics — which make directing and acting the play so vigorous and joyous, and so painful and rewarding. And mostly, I love the extraordinary music that expresses every idea and every emotion so perfectly and so profoundly. -Michael Greif, director of Next to Normal