so, i kind of hate doing these things because i don’t like leaving people out, but today is the one year anniversary of this blog and after a year, i feel like i need to acknowledge some of the wonderful people i’ve met on this thing we call the internet. (i love all of the people that i follow, but these people i have talked to pretty regularly either on twitter or tumblr, so i feel they need a special mention. please don’t feel bad if you are not included.) so, without further ado, here are some people that have changed my life for the better this past year:

alec alice bri carolina bessma bronte caity chelsea chelsea chelsea fer jenna jenn jess joana kate katelyn kyla laura lisa maria megan mel neda rachel rebecca sabrina sasha sylvia torye veronica + blogroll


whew! it’s been a crazy year. i want to thank everyone for everything, i went through some of the toughest situations i’ve ever had to deal with and i received nothing but support.  i especially want to thank the following blogs for being extremely above averagely badass:


so you thought that I forgot about you?! well don’t fret because maybe you’re part of my ten special nugget wuggets! :’) (and partly because most of you changed urls so…) here goes!


I can’t do photoshop. (I don’t have photoshop.) This is ugly.  Let us move on.

I’ve decided that I’m going to delete my tumblr within the next week.  I’ve thought it over long and hard and for awhile now, and it just feels like what I have to do.  So, as a quite insufficient parting gift, I’ve made a follow forever to thank you all for your wonderful interactions, fandom bonding, and friendship.  I’ll miss all of you terribly.

Here are some people without whom my tumbling experience and life for these past few months (and beyond) would not have been the same.  From my 30 Rock Sisters to my Parks Ladies to my SNL Buddies to whatever other fandom and life experience we’ve shared, these are the people who have truly left their marks on me and whom I will miss most dearly.  I love you nerds.

bessma + bronteclaire + emily + hannah + hollie + katarns + kyla + meganmel + nel + rachel + sam + sarah    
There are other people who have made tumblr all that it was for me but with whom I regret not becoming as close.  Some of them I’ve never talked to.  Regardless, these are those awesome people.  Go follow them. 

Also, of course, everyone else I follow. 

I’ll still be around (quite heavily, I might add) throughout the next week for the holidays and my birthday and everything, but after that I’ll be gone.  I thought I’d put this out now so people would have time to see it and such.  Thank you to everyone who follows me.  I can’t believe there are so many of you.  That seriously blows my mind.  I truly do appreciate it.

I just wanted to thank you guys for everything.  I can’t even describe how special you all are.  Thank you thank you thank you.  I’ll miss you tons.

First of all, I am not Kaylie Hooper (duh). I thought making a Kaylie Hooper gif would be cool (at least for me).

This is my first ever Follow Forever (yay!). I know, after a year of being an active user of this site, I only thought of making one [just] now. Why you ask? Well, let’s just say I was busy… saving the world (not). But I was busy tbh.  I tried to edit a photo for this FF. Wasn’t satisfied. Made gifs instead. Conclusion: just stick to making gifs Jaclyn.

Anyway, enough about me. These people are BEYOND quality. Some of them I’ve talked to, some I got to meet in person (you guys know who you are!), some are blogs that I have been following since I first started here and some of them I admire from afar (aka blogs who don’t know I exist). Also these people are at least included in one of the (gif’s) fandoms (i think).

Check them out guys (and follow them), they’re really awesome.

30rockasaurus aaronpauled adwyers annperkins blamypoehler cheia classicajays  copsandwriters defiantbritta donnanobles dryryanlochte feyminism feypoehlerlover    feysus heat-rises helenaoftroy i-like-blue-boxes jason-segel judygrimes katiebeckett katicisms ladyknopes leaveatrail mother-balls nayas-overalls notliketheothers ohreallo offyourfeet possibilityofmagic poundgrape setfiretotherain- tinamy virginiachance wiigipedia wiigz zach-levi + blogroll


Hello! 2012, being my first year as a fandom blog, was really, really great (a lot better than I expected). I don’t want to make this lengthy or sappy or anything like that, but I’m actually so grateful for this blog and for all of you who follow me, talk to me, just silently like posts, or don’t even interact with me at all omg. I think because I use tumblr on such a regular day-to-day basis I sometimes forget to remind all of ya lovelies how wonderful you are. You guys make me feel so accepted and nice and I’m juST gettin emotional slskjsdf anyways!!! The people listed on my graphic are people I talk to more frequently/I would consider friends and some to be close friends and hopefully the other way around haha. Every single person on this follow post has contributed to 2012 being fantastic, so thank you for bein’ wonderful :)

kk sorry for this dumb intro; I love you all!!!

[bold means we’re friends (i hope omg)]

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thanks to mikayla for giving troian a santa hat!


All of you are amazing human beings and the greatest. Thank you for existing and never change, cause all of you are perfect the way you are. LOVE YOU, GUYS.


AJ | Alvaro | Amanda | Ariana | Beccah | Bia | Brittany

Bronte | Caity | Carli | Ceci | Cindy | Chandler | Charlotte

Chelsea | Connie | Connor | Courtney | Elle | Emma

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Alright so since everyone else was doing one of these I figured I should as well (while I’m at work and getting paid, of course). All of these people are awesome and you should definitely be following them if you are not already. I’ve spoken to most of you at least once, but if I have not, it’s because I am terrified of you and you should just talk to me first. 


I know i made a follow forever a few months ago,but in this time i go the chance to follow and get to know some new amazing people and a revision was in order,so what better occasion than Christmas? So,this is for all the wonderful people who made this crazy year better,you truly are the gift that keeps on giving!! have a great Holiday!


So, I just wanted to share a super short list of people that make my dash and my life brighter and better. These are people who have supported me throughout this year with their friendships and kind words or just brought joy into my life through their posts. I couldn’t imagine tumblr without them as they make my dash so bright and wonderful. So, go follow them and fall in love with them and their blogs too. Happy Holidays everyone! :”’)

i don’t really know what to say, but essentially i follow a bunch of gr10 blogs/people and it’s that time of the year which everyone does this! so, you should definitely follow all these blogs if you want an awesome dash, they all f0ll0w b@ck lolz!!1 (if we don’t really ~speak, i still probably go on your blog regularly and stroke your icon casually idk) ((and those i do speak to, you can guarantee i have a shrine dedicated to you in my closet))

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This is a list of great people, whose blogs you should check and follow before the mayan apocalypse:

Special shout out: