Parks and Rec meme ★ six characters [1/6]
Ann Perkins

"I can leave. I could. But I’m not going to. I will get my one minute of small talk, damnit! And it will be casual! And it will be amicable!"

AU » lizzy caplan as ann’s cool from out of town girlfriend PT.4

I watch a lot of Lifetime movies. There was this one, “How Far is Too Far Enough: The Teri Paliber Lonnigan Story.” This woman had agoraphobia and her therapist was obsessed with her and he hid in her house, and then he attacked her and tried to eat her toes. Also, her daughter was having sex way too young. So yeah. free self-defense class? I’m there.


Because sometimes you just need an Ann Perkins pep talk.


ladies meme | a character in a comedy (1/5) → ann perkins

And it is… awkward.


Parks and Recreation + TV Tropes | That Came Out Wrong
“A character says something innocuous, but can easily be misconstrued as something really dirty.”

au meme » BRITTA PERRY comes to Pawnee and befriends/makes out with ANN PERKINS (for feyminism)