Title: Bossypants - Unabridged - [Disc 3] ~ Track 12
Artist: Tina Fey
Album: Bossypants - Unabridged - [Disc 3]
Plays: 240

Disc 3, Track 12: Amazing, Gorgeous, Not Like That (continuation); 1. Posing

Some photographers plan out every detail of the shot, then plug you into it. For example, with Annie Leibovitz, you might have advance fittings for several custom Tinkerbell costumes. On the day of the shoot, Annie will pick one of the costumes, then obscure it with a large harness. Afterward, she’ll remove the harness with Photoshop, change the color of the costume, and shrink you down to the size of a pea anyway.

Annies going to photograph my soul, right?  - Tina Fey, in reference to her Annie Leibovitz photoshoot before eating a cupcake.


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